AMRAP CF Wrist Wraps Camouflage

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AMRAP CF Wrist Wraps Camouflage

The AMRAP CF Wrist Wraps were built for optimal support for your wrist during heavy weightlifting exercises and all other tough WODs. Especially when lifting heavy weights your wrists will be thankful, if you use them. The special thing about our Wrist Wraps: You can adjust the compression and support level within a few seconds, by just turning them around your wrist! Because of that you can for example use their full support during heavy snatches and after a 2-second turn you still are able to use your full range of motion during the following handstand pushups. 

To ensure that the compression supports you as long as you want we only use 100% cotton. We do not use silk for the straps, because that often cause an unfastening of the wraps. 

How to use AMRAP CF Wrist Wraps the right way?

  • 1. Put the AMRAP CF Wrist Wraps with the seam facing your hand on the wrist (please make sure that it feels comfortable and your wrist has still enough space to move)
  • 2. Now wrap your AMRAP CF Wrist Wraps around your wrist. Make sure that the seams are directly above each other, and that you are not wrapping them too tight around your wrist - the compression will be added and adjusted in the last step.
  • 4. Continue with this until 90% of the strap is around your wrist. Then take the end of the strap, and put it under the wrapped strap to fix it.
  • 5. Now turn the Wrist Wrap as much as you need, until you feel enough compression. To adjust the compression, just turn it in the opposite direction. Finished!


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