AMRAP Speedrope Bearing Pro

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Double-Under problem solved. Forever.

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Double-Under problem solved. Forever. 

After making more than 10,000 customers happy with our aluminium-handle speedrope ("Solid"), here comes the version for all of you who like the handles less heavy, by keeping up the extremely high speed. The lightweigth and 6" long handles are made of unbreakable synthetic material-mix, and fit perfect in the shape of your hands, while the 2,5mm thin cable flies as fast as hell around your body. This is made possible by 6(!) high quality bearings, which minimize frictional loss. To total length of 10ft it can be changed to your preferred length within a few seconds without any tools, because of the knurled-head screw. 

But please do us a favor: GO HARD, DON'T EMBARRASS OUR PRODUCTS!

  • Smooth running: 6 high quality bearings per rope provide for an unbeatable speed
  • Flexible: length adjustment by hand screw within a few seconds
  • Reliable: The fast 0.10" thick and tangle free steel rope is ready for use within seconds, because it immediately takes on the right shape after storage or transport.
  • Practical bag for easy stowage is also included.
  • 100% Satisfaction: Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back - no questions asked!
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