Hardcore Fascialmassage roller

The physiotherapist for your gym bag!

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Hardcore Fascialmassage roller

Our black hardcore foam roller fits in every gym bag, due to the compact size of just 12,5 cm x 31,5 cm. Caused by an ultra-compressed EVA-core and an extremely tough surface you can reach & massage every triggerpoint in your body - no matter how deep it is. To ensure this you get supported by 64 knobs, which feel like the thumbs of your physiotherapist. These knobs are more stiff than your muscles, but less than your bones, so that they bend when you reach a bone. 

The smooth and not porous surface of this roller is dirt & sweat repellent, and contains an antimicrobic material, that prevents you from breeding bacteria in your gym bag. Another advantage against the common foam rollers: if this roller got in contact with sweat, you can simply use clear water to clean it, without having a water-soaken roller after that. 

Material: EVA/Polyolefine 
Maße: 12,5 cm x 31,5 cm 
Stiffness: Extrastiff
Water repellent & latex-free 


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